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Kristine Ziembiec

Athletic Background:
I used to run track in grade school into H.S. I also took gymnastics as a kid and swam on the swim team in H.S. I began lifting weights as a senior in H.S. to keep in shape between my swimming and track seasons.

Bodybuilding Background:
I wanted to compete in bodybuilding shows only after I had to have surgery on my knee. It kept me from doing what I loved and made me more determined to be the best at it that I could! I placed 1st/Overall at the Natural Illinois in 1989. Teen Women's Division.

NPC Teen Nationals 6/6 (didn't place) June, 1990. AAU Collegiate Ms. IL 4/6, Sept. '90. NPC Mid IL 1st/Overall April, '91. NPC Eastern Division 1st, April, '91. (Then 9 years went by.......)!! NBI USA Championship 1st/overall Nov., '00. NPC Natural NYS 1st Sept., '01. NPC Natural Eastern Classic 1st/overall Sept. '01. NPC Ironman 1st June, '02. NPC Rochester BB/Fit/Fig. 1st/overall June, '02. NPC Bev Francis Atlantic States 1st/overall June, '03. NPC Jr. Nationals 8/14 (didn't place) June, '03.

I generally train 2 days in a row upper body, the one day of lower then back to 2 days of upper body. I try to keep on a 5 day split. Most weeks I train 5 days/week. Occasionally I have to do a 4 day, but not often. 13. The main difference in my training from off season to contest time is the amt. of weight I utilize while lifting. I keep my reps a bit higher and weights just a touch lighter during my contest season. Off season is for building, so bring on the heavy weights!!

My best leg press is @700 lbs. Best squat on smith machine is 385 lbs. Best bench is 155 lbs. Heaviest curls with dumbells is 35 lbs. Heaviest shoulder press with dumbells is 60 lbs. All of these are for reps.

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