Karen Zaremba

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Karen Zaremba is a beautiful figure competitor from Michigan. A stay at home mom by trade and an international fitness model by hobby, Karen has been involved in sports since she was eleven years old.

Karen competed on the collegiate level in basketball and track and has been weight training seriously since 1991.

Karen won her IFBB pro card in figure by placing 2nd at the 2005 NPC National Figure Championships, an achievement that she considers her biggest success as a competitor.

At 5'2", 125 lbs, Karen stays relatively lean all year round. Sporting 13" biceps, Karen lists her best lifts in the gym as 275 lb squats for reps, skull crushers for reps w/ 90 lbs, 50 lb DBs for reps on shoulder press and an incredible 40 lb DBs for bicep curls for 8-10 reps.

Thanks to JC for these pictures of Karen.

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